We feel that many people can really improve their fishing experience and so have decided to put together this website with information to help. We know that there are lots of different areas that people can improve and perhaps they do not realise even that they can make improvements. We feel that fishing should not only be about satisfying catches but also about having fun and so we hope that the information that we have provided will help towards both of these, as if you catch more fish, it is likely that you will have a better time and experience and some better memories of the trip too. We have covered different things so we think there will be something for everyone and therefore if you have a read you should be able to find some benefits as a result. We realise that people fish in different ways and places and at different levels and we have purposely made the information general so that it applies to everyone who enjoys fishing. This means that whatever type of fish you try to catch, whatever level you are, where you fish and how you fish, there will be something on the site that will apply to you and should help to improve your fishing experience. We hope that will enjoy exploring the site and learning some new things about fishing so that you can have more fun next time that you go fishing either on your own or with friends and family.