All About Fishing Bait

All About Fishing Bait

You will find that anglers will use a big range of different fishing bait and so you may find it hard to know which ones might be the best when you are fishing. You will want to give yourself the best chance of catching a fish and so you will want to use the best bait, without wasting money on buying things that will not work well. Bait is used to lure the fish onto the hook so that you can catch it and so it is important to choose the right things.

Points to consider:-

  • Type of Fish: You will need to think about what type of fish you are intending on catching to start with. You will find that certain fish will be more attracted to certain baits but you might find that there will be differences in that one day a certain bait may work and then it may not work the next. This can be frustrating but illustrates the importance of trying out different baits to see what seems to be the most effective.
  • Natural or Man-made: There are also different natural baits such as insects and worms, maggots and even berries that might occur naturally in the water. But often things like bread, cheese and pellets might be used or even preferred. You will need to think about what you might like to use and what might work the best.
  • Size of the Hook: It is important to make sure that you match the size of the bait that you are using to the hook. This is because if you put something tiny on a large hook it may not be spotted but something large on a small hook may just look unnatural. The idea is to fool the fish into thinking it is just a normal bit of food as if they are suspicious, they will not eat it.
  • Flavours: There are some people that will use flavours on their bait to make it more attractive. For example, if you buy maggots or pinkies they will be in sawdust or maize four and you will want to clean them first or you can buy them cleaned. Then you might want to flavour them so that they are more attractive to eat. Vanilla is a flavour that some people use. You can use a few drops of food flavouring on them and this could help. You will need to use it just before going fishing though or else it will wear off before you get to use them. Some people go for curry powder. It can help in the winter to attract fish. Turmeric is sometimes used as well as not only will it colour the maggots which makes them easier to see, but it will also add flavour to them.


Maggots are probably the most popular bait. They will need to be kept in the fridge as they will die if they get too hot. They are often used in pair or bunches on a hook and they can also be used as ground bait. Often, they will be killed before using for ground bait which can be done by scolding them, but they will stretch or by freezing them.


These are similar to maggots but they stay active longer than maggots but they are really good at escaping, especially when wet so be careful. They tend to be used for smaller fish due to their size and you will tend to use one or two on a hook. They are good for winter months when catching fish is difficult and they can be used in ground bait.


These are larvae as well but need to be kept moist. They tend to be used mainly in ground bait and it will not crawl away either so has some advantages over maggots and pinkies which do. They will occasionally be useful on a hook too if it is very cold.


Worms are a traditional bait and will catch any fish but they are not so popular as they are harder to get hold of. You could dig them out or even breed them yourself. They can be chopped up to use with ground bait or put the whole or tail of the worn onto a hook.


This is a really cheap bait to use and can be used on the hook or as ground bait. You can use a bread punch tool to cut the right shape for putting a pellet on your hook. You can also take a piece and mould it into a ball or just slide a piece of bread or the crust on to the hook.

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