Top Tips on Fishing With Your Family

Top Tips on Fishing With Your Family

It can seem like a lot of fun to go fishing with your family, especially with children. However, it is important to make sure that you are well prepared as it will be very different to fishing with your friends or alone.


It is a good idea to make sure that you pick a day with good weather. You might be able to tolerate cold and wet weather but children will be less likely, especially if they get bored. It can therefore be a good idea to choose a day when It is dry and warm, perhaps not too hot though as you do not want them getting sunburnt!


It is a good idea to think carefully about the location. It will be best to go somewhere where there are plenty of fish so they get a good chance of catching at least one. This will make it a lot more interesting for them.

Food and Drink

Children tend to want to snack a lot, especially if they get bored and it can be a good idea to make sure that you have plenty with you. If you run out then you will have to return home. Do not just pack what you normally would for a picnic or walk but have lots of extra things with you as well. Then you will have no chance of running out of things and it will mean that you will not have to cut your trip short because someone is ‘starving’.


It can be a good idea to think about what will keep them entertained. While you might be happy just sitting by the river with your own thoughts observing nature, they may not be. They will probably want lots of things to do so that they stay entertained all of the time. It could be enough for them to have a phone or tablet with them but you will need to make sure that you have battery packs with you in case they run out of power as they will not be able to plug it in. It might also be worth taking some books, magazines, small games such as cards or art things such as colouring books. Make sure you get things that can be done in the space that you have and have chairs and even a small table for them to be able to sit at.

Tackle for Children

It will be a lot more entertaining for the children if they have their own kit to use. It can be easy to set them up with a rod or pole that they can handle themselves. It can be good to use a float and they will have something to watch to see whether they get a bite or not, which could make it all a lot more exciting for them. Try to let them do some of the things themselves, depending on their age as this will be more interesting for them. It can be so tempting to take over if they are not handling the tackle well but if you do that, then they will feel detached and bored.

Handling Fish

It is really important that you make sure that you show them how to handle the fish carefully. Fish are delicate and can be vulnerable if handled badly. It is wise to give them a lesson on this before you go fishing and that will help them to know what to do in advance. Try not to make them feel rushed and panicked but gently talk them through what to do or show them the first time, so that they do get things right.


It is worth thinking about a few other things as well. Make sure children have appropriate clothing for the weather, has some great options for kids. It is worth having extra layers in case it gets chilly that they can take off. Always being prepared for rain is also worthwhile. It could even be worth having a change of clothes in case they fall in the water or splash about and get wet. Take lots of different types of bait so you can show them which works best, they can try different things and you are more likely to attract the fish to bite. Do not travel too far away from home as if the car journey is boring, then it might not put them in the right mind for the fishing that follows. Also, consider having two adults, particularly if the children are very young so one can take them off for a walk, to the loo, or watch them, while the other deals with the actual fishing.

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I have always enjoyed writing and it is a lot of fun writing about all sorts of different subjects including fishing. Fishing is something that so many people enjoy and it can be something fun for families to do together, groups of friends or an opportunity to get a bit of peace and quiet on your own. The experience can be improved though and so I have put together some articles that I feel will be useful to help everything to have a think about what they do when they are fishing and how they can make some changes to make it even better.

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